At FG Options, we continuously strive to improve the tools at our disposal with the end goal of improving our trading results by simplifying our processes, speeding up & being very precise in our research and analysis. We utilise the power of technology as much as possible and strive to improve every aspect continuously. We automate the processes wherever possible to save time and effort and complete more tasks in a much shorter period of time. 

Automated Mass Stocks Fundamental Analysis Data Mining & Analysis

Trade Desk & Trade Log Spreadsheets

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Researching on stocks and their financial data could be very time-consuming and ambiguous. Doing so for hundreds of stocks could be a nightmare, not to mention updating them periodically after every earnings cycle. Not doing so however, is not an option.

Our Trade Desk spreadsheet is thankfully our saviour! They are designed to expedite the collection of fundamental analysis data by using automated functions to collect relevant information from the Internet, which is then sorted and analysed by the in-built spreadsheet formula. Within minutes (depending on Internet speed) of simply pressing a button in the spreadsheet, one can have all the necessary and updated financial information of hundreds of stocks, sorted, and analysed in preferred manner. One can compare and evaluate the stocks easily and select the most desired stocks for further assessment. 

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Automated Trade Search

Lobster Mobile App

Lobster App Home Screen
Lobster App - Lobster List
Lobster App - Sector Performance
Lobster App - Health Check

The challenge most traders have, is deciding on which of the shortlisted stocks to trade based on rewards to risk considerations. After all, traders do have many options (pun intended!) to choose and comparing them to find the most profitable or suitable trades accurately is impossible unless we utilise the huge computing power readily available today.

The Lobster App (on iOS & Android phones) is designed to automate the entire trade search process and present to the user within seconds, all the potential trades that met user-determined criteria. With precision, speed and customisation being offered, the App made Options trading a breeze. A host of other supportive functions are also available to aid the trader in last-moment research (quantitative, fundamental and technical analysis), comparison between trades suggestions, market updates, summary and sector performances, and much more.

Advanced Technical Analysis and Options Systems (ATAS) traders have additional functions that include automated scans, customised Options Strategies and suggested trades.

The above tools are designed to assist our traders in each step of our trading system, to make things as easy and quickly as possible, as well as to make our trading as precise and profitable as possible. We approach the automation based on solid understanding on how Options work and what strategies are best in various market conditions. At FG Options, we make money the easy way!

Automated Consolidated Stock Qualitative, Fundamental and Technical Analysis for In-depth Assessment

Online AOS Report Generator

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In-depth stock assessment often requires one to evaluate a whole host of factors, from the qualitative understanding of the company’s business model, source of valuation, earnings and key trends affecting the company, to fundamental financial numbers, technical analysis on charts as well as the latest news and developments. It is often so tedious to find all the relevant information that some might not even try.

AOS Report Generator solves the problem by trawling the Internet to grab all the above information and display them in just two pages. Not only do we save tremendous amount of time, we avoid analysis paralysis by focusing on the data that mattered. We can develop an excellent understanding of the stock, what will affect the stock price and come to a conclusion very quickly the strategies to use on that stock. With this AOS Report Generator, doing due diligence will never be laborious, painful and difficult again! 

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