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Hi there! Welcome to FG Options!

I’m Francis and I founded FG Options in 2018 with the objective to make a real positive difference to others’ lives by helping improve their financial situation.

I retired before my 50th birthday and am financially independent. I want my life henceforth to be meaningful and to be happy doing things I believe in.

I have chosen to share my Options, Technical Analysis and other trading knowledge to those keen to pursue financial independence through Options via passive income or active trading. I am very grateful to have a big and helpful community sharing our ideals.

Here we specialise in financial education for stocks in the New York Stock Exchange, using Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Options to maximise returns, reduce risks and generate income from a US-based stock portfolio. Check out what our products entail below!

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Options Income Machine Programme (OIMP) is a Programme aims to impart the knowledge, skillsets and tools necessary for one to generate 20% returns per year using the Stock Rental concept (affectionately also called the Lobster System).