Chief Trainer
Francis Goh

Francis is the founder of FG Options and is the trainer for OIMP. Started learning and trading Options since 2003, Francis has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience on Options, from the relatively simple buying (and selling) of put and call options, to the complex multi-legged and multi-expiry spreads.

The learning journey included paid courses to US-based educational companies like Optionetics and Red Options, as well as self-education via reading and experimenting extensively on most known strategies.

He subsequently developed a lobster trading system that combined several Options strategies, which allows one to generate passive income safely and sustainably. OIMP therefore, is the vehicle which he uses to help his clients master the lobster trading system.
Francis is supported by several of his ex-students, who have been with Francis for some time now. Besides possessing the necessary knowledge and experience, they are very passionate in sharing, helping and guiding new traders in their pursuit of lobster system mastery. As mentors, they each lead a group and see through their transformation into successful traders. This is especially amazing considering they are all doing this on a voluntary basis.

Head Mentor
Nick Neo

Nick Neo is the co-founder of FG Options, he is a trader, investor and educator. After serving 28 years with the Republic of Singapore Navy, he is now trading Options full time to generate income for his lifestyle. Using his knowledge in Options as well as experience in training and developing individuals, Nick value adds to the OIMP community by providing coaching and guidance for new traders in their pursuit of their trading mastery.