results & performance

graduates' LIVE trading results

Trader – Ong SH


Gains from 27-31 Jul 2020: $1,467


Grateful for another week of profits! Every week this month has been consistent in profits. Looking forward to another great month in August. Focus on the process!

ONG SH results

Trader – Adrian Chia


Gains in July 2020: 3%

The “lobster” method is safe, stress-free and consistent! Great for busy professionals.

Easy to learn, simple to implement. Looking fwd to more restful nights!

Adrian Chia results

Trader – WS Loo

Senior Manager of a MNC

Gains in July 2020: $2,620

Trading is HARD and is a complex activity as market changes all the time and there is no guarantee of success in the market. Statically shows that 90% of traders lose their hard-earned money and they don’t profit, so they quit. It’s a bleak statistic but it doesn’t mean that trading is a hopeless endeavor.

Instead of devoting tons of time to studying and research, on 6 April 2019, I started my Options trading journey with zero knowledge and Francis is my mentor. Time flies and it has been a year since I graduated from Francis Options Trading Course (i.e. OIMP).

Throughout this one year of my trading journey, I’m able to achieve consistent profits by applying his options strategies. A million thanks to Francis for his sincere and dedication in guiding me to achieve this success.

His course is well-structured, easy-to-understand and the hand-holding program will definitely bring confidence in you to trade and to achieve higher success rate.

To cut the story short, append is the result of my options done in July 2020 as a testimony to Francis OIMP course.

WS Loo Results

Trader – Goh TK

Civil Servant

Gains after 1.5 months: 3.3%

My results after proceeding on to trade LIVE after the OIMP. For those with a small account to start with, I believe consistent result is doable if follow the system properly


Trader – Nick Neo

Retired RSN Officer

Gains in July: 3.5%

I was very concerned with life after retirement from SAF, but thankfully the “lobster” system taught by Francis helped me to generate passive income. Francis’s very organised lessons plus handholding programme made it simple to understand and helps me to apply the lobster concept confidently. I now have a consistent and stable source of income (more than 2% per month) in a fun and stress-free way with the community. Retirement no longer a scary thing. If only I learnt it earlier!

Nick Neo Results

results & performance

student's Course trading results

Trader – Joe Kow

Profits: 2.67% over 4 weeks

Aim: 2% per month

I was looking for a system that can consistently make reasonable returns of 2% per month, that we do not need to spend too much time on, and I found it in OIMP. OIMP has delivered on its promise and more. Francis Goh’s excellent delivery of the program, the well put together online courseware, the Lobster APP simply made screening so much easier and the strong supportive community has made this the best options course I have attended. I can see myself continuing to be a part of the community for a long time to come. Many thanks Francis!

Trader – Juan Chow Yee

Profits: 2.33% over 4 weeks

Aim: 2% per month

I joined OMIP to learn Options using a system while minimising probability of losses and removing the need to monitor daily with anxiety. Overall all my trades are profitable and for those whose prices have fallen below fair price, I’ve also learned to roll at lower fair prices over time while still collecting premium. Excellent Trade Desk template to ensure optimised portfolio position sizing with the best premium return stocks selection at desired fair prices, thus removing emotional and irrational trade decision. I’m very pleased by following Lobster system without emotion has indeed met the minimum returns of 2% per month, despite the volatile and unpredictable market condition in the last 2-3 weeks, which would have resulted in an irrational decision on my part without a system.

Trader – Janice Tan

Profits: 3.29% over 4 weeks

Aim: 2% per month

At the preview, I could sense that Francis is an approachable, helpful and patient trainer. He meets the criteria of the ‘desired’ trainer and that is the main reason that prompted me to sign up for OIMP course. Another reason that attracted me was the easiness of the system that requires only little time for trade preparation and monitoring. I want a trading system that will not take up too much time as my job can be busy during certain periods of the year. So far, I am happy to have joined OIMP. I am pleased that most of the paper trades from May to June have paper profits. Those trades that I lost money was either due to an oversight or lack of proper check. The system that Francis has taught us really works and shows positive result as long as we follow the steps.

Trader – Goh Teck Keng

Profits: 2.19% over 4 weeks

Aim: 2% per month

By quoting Warren Buffet on his purchase on KO during your lesson, it makes me remember an article which Warren Buffett answered “Because nobody wants to get rich slow” when Jeff Bezos asked him that his investment thesis is so simple but why doesn’t everybody just copy him?  The answer “Because nobody wants to get rich slow” really strikes me that I can always slowly accumulate my wealth (20% per annum) better than losing money.  I can also sleep better using this trading/investing (Lobster) system because there is really not much fear or greed emotions to deal with.

Trader – Lee Choon Moi

Profits: 3.6% over 4 weeks

Aim: 2% per month

My main objective is to enable me to generate passive income monthly and consistently.  Received rental on stock can help me to achieve my objective.  Options is interesting as it has many strategies and we can apply different tactical moves in the trading rather than just buy or sell stocks.  During the course & 2-month handholding, I have practiced the lobsters using paper money, it helped me to internalize the concept and understand the impacts if rules not followed.

Trader – Ragu

Profits: 4.5% over 4 weeks

Aim: 2% per month

Reason for joining OIMP: To be able to make $$ passively. (well apart from BIIB) it has done very well.

I would like to thank everyone to make this journey an enjoyable one.

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