What is the Key Ingredient in Options Trading Success?

From my past 18 years of Options Trading and about two and half years of teaching Options, I can now clearly articulate what would be the single most critical ingredient for every Options Trader: Clarity.

In my previous career, I often admire my bosses who seemed to know the answers to many of our challenges. The reason they could, was their ability to ask relevant questions to gain clarity to the underlying issues, as well as to apply unbiased logic to find solutions.

The results are often spot on. As they say, clarity is power!

What my bosses did were not easy, and it is not uncommon for us to lack clarity in things we do. We are creatures of habits which then form beliefs which in turn reinforce our habits.

That’s where I think most Options Traders (myself in the past included) were trapped, as they did not have the correct nor complete education and hence lacked the clarity on how to be continuously successful.

Successful Options Traders will be able to tell you with absolute clarity and conviction:

  1. Why their trading systems gave them huge advantages to be successful
  2. What risks exist in their trading systems, and their mitigation strategies
  3. How they implement their systems in an efficient, effective and sustainable way

Do be careful to distinguish between a genuine system and luck. As they say in sports: “class is permanent, form is temporary”. Same thing here, luck is usually temporary.

So, it is time for you to ask yourself or your friends the three questions above to see if you have the clarity to be successful. Keep asking “why” until you are totally convinced!

You have a chance to see the Options Trading System that my OIMP students and I have been using with great success. You will see definitive evidence and robust logic on why we will continue to be successful for a very long time to come. In fact, you can even join us and gain the clarity you deserve!

Our next preview session is on 6th and 9th March 2021. These preview sessions are absolutely free to join!  Click the link below to register now.


I look forward to seeing you at our next preview session.

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