Time flies and last weekend we had the online graduation of Batch 9 of OIMP!

It was another enjoyable 2-month journey with 52 incredible individuals in the batch who shared their lessons learnt, resources and advice with one another, and in the process created ONE very cohesive community!

It was a very meaningful period of time for the mentors and me, as they had given us an opportunity to share our passion in Options and contribute back to the society. In the process we made more friends, and learnt more about trading, ourselves and humanity.

This journey is not just about us but our families and our future generations. I remembered a guru saying the best way to help our loved ones, is to first help ourselves. Only then, could we have the ability, wisdom, values and resources to help others.
At OIMP we aim to reduce or eliminate one challenge facing many of us: financial burden. By having the skills to accumulate wealth through compound interest, we can not only reduce our own stress in life, we remove such headaches for our children who would otherwise be concerned about supporting us. In fact, we could now educate our future generations on how to generate passive income and use compound interest to build a better future.
Looking forward to share with like-minded people!

Profit together!

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