Does your Consistent and Profitable Trading / Investment System feel like this?

It is a dream of many to retire early and live on income from trading, where we can generate our income from any part of the world, in any attire and without a need to answer to bosses, customers or suppliers.

To achieve that goal, many have learnt trading or investment from a variety of trainers, mentors and perhaps from books and the Internet. I have done my fair share of learning from a wide range of courses, books and forum, and unfortunately none of them could single-handedly deliver the dream I had wanted.

However, they have given me sufficiently broad and deep knowledge in Options, to enable me to create a trading system that have the following characteristics:
As a result, I am longer working as an employee, but living in a country more suited to the development of my children, and with a lifestyle I desire.
The only issue is, I now have a lot of time on my hands.

How is that possible? How can trading or investment be so easy?

It is not just possible, but a reality for me. It is easy because I am using a “Passive Income” approach and as the term suggests, it does not require active management.

To most of us, passive income brings to mind the concept of rental properties. It is the same for me, except that in my case, it is the concept of stock rental (US stock market), which interestingly gives a much better yield and safety if we know what to do.
So how does my “trading” life feel like?
I will go to bed at about 9.30pm every night and will wake up at about 3 to 4 am. At this point, I’ll use an App on my phone that searches for qualified stocks with the highest yield. After doing a little due diligence, I will decide if I want to take any actions. If I do, I’ll enter the trade on my phone. Mission completed in less than 15min and I will go back to sleep so I can have 8 hours sleep every night.

Repeat this from Monday to Friday if I want, or just twice a week. On Saturday, I will usually see an increase in my trading account size of 0.5% returns on my capital or more (if we have 0.5% returns per week, we will have in excess of 20% returns per year).

Growing slowly but surely. Without leverage, the volatility of my account is very small, which makes it very low stress system. To some, this is too slow, but I love it as this means sustainability, and I can do it till the day I could not do it physically anymore, hopefully decades away.

So, this is my Consistent and Profitable System, that is also stress-free, low maintenance and sustainable. Does yours look like this?

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