Do You Mind Getting Rich Slow?

A few days ago, a psychologist friend of mine was sharing how human’s brains digest information and make decisions. Which of the choices below would you choose?

Choice A:   

95% chance of making 20% returns or more per year

5% chance of making less than 20% returns per year

Choice B:   

15% chance of making 50% returns or more per year

15% chance of making less than 20% returns per year

70% chance of losing money

Would you have picked Choice A? From various studies, most people would have gone for the safer choice which is Choice A. However, what I have read and my interactions with many people indicated that it was not so clear cut.

One article described a conversation that took place where the second richest person in the world then was asked, why didn’t everyone copy his simple and yet effective investment methods? Mr Buffett’s answer was “Because nobody wants to get rich slow”.

Indeed, many dreamt of making a tremendous amount of money in a short time by active trading. If they have what it takes, why not? Besides knowledge, skill and time, they only need to have mastery over their emotions: Fear, Greed and Stress, to do it successfully. However, most of us would find it difficult to do it for a short period of time, not to mention sustaining it for the long term.

My pick to the above question is Choice A. Slow and steady wins the race isn’t it?

Thankfully, there is a financial instrument called Options that allowed me to construct a trading system to make Choice A a reality! This “lobster” system uses Options to rent out stocks for passive income. Built into the system includes a range of risk management techniques to protect our capital and automation get the best rental yield with the least amount of effort. Together the system allows one to generate over 20% returns per year consistently with little stress and little work.

Why is this significant? 

Because it allows me to generate great income for my family!

Because it allows me to have the lifestyle I desire!

Because it allows me to retire early!

Because it gives me the freedom to do what I want.

If you are also after Choice A and want to know how to make it a reality for yourself, click below to catch me LIVE on the next webclass, where I will share my secrets with you.


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