Compound your way to a much happier retirement!

Retirement Planning was a term I really dislike many years ago.

After putting in some information and assumptions about inflation, the retirement funds I needed to have a basic lifestyle in my golden years was mind-boggling!

I was told I have a few options. (1) Save a lot more now!! (2) Work a lot longer before I retire (3) Rely on my children for retirement or (4) Rely on the government to feed me. Thankfully they did not say: Die earlier.

None of the above was appealing, so I exiled the concept to a remote part of my brain where it still remained.

However, I can say I’m retired now (before 50 years old), living a lifestyle which will only improve as I age.

How can that be? Let’s revisit some assumptions.

Some of the key traditional assumptions include: (A) one has no income after retirement and (B) one’s resources provide very little income during retirement. It’s no wonder why we need a huge retirement fund when we have such assumptions!

Thankfully I do not need to be bounded by these assumptions. And neither do you. How?

I am currently generating over 20% returns per year from stock rental. So what does that mean for my “retirement”?

Firstly, I am compounding my retirement funds > 20% a year every year and there’s no limit when that will stop. Perhaps when I’m too old to trade maybe in 30 years? Secondly, I am no longer bounded by traditional retirement planning rules. My returns are going to be so high in my golden years that I can have much better than “basic” lifestyle. I am already having a decent “retirement” now!

I know that COVID-19 has thrown a curveball at most of us and many are struggling with survival rather than retirement planning. However, time waits for no one. Compound interest needs a commodity we can neither buy, steal or borrow: Time.

If you are concerned about being able to retire comfortably, not wanting to burden your loved one, reluctant to rely on anyone else, and want to live a dignified life during your golden years, you should start doing something about it as soon as you can.

To see how you can also have more than 20% compounding returns per year, why not join me at a Masterclass where I will show you how I do it? You can then see if it is something you want to embark on. It is free!

To your better financial future!

Profitable Options Masterclass

This workshop is an online webinar held via ZOOM and serves as a preview to OIMP. The Options Income Machine Program (OIMP) is a financial literacy education programme, that aims to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to generate Consistent and Sustainable Passive Income with Options Trading.
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