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You are one step away from learning to generate passive income. In this workshop, Our Trainer, Francis, will personally share his growth-driven trading approach that he and more than 300 of his students fell in love with.

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  • 11th September, Saturday, 1:30pm
  • 18th September, Saturday, 1:30pm
  • 21st September, Tuesday, 7pm
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" This system is PROVEN with our students now generating at least 2 to 3% per month! "

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"Since April, I traded with the Lobsters strategy with slight modifications & little did I know that by the end of June, I was up by 21%. This morning, I am up by 53% ever since I started trading live (4 months)! I want to thank you & inform you that another student of yours has achieved some success!"

David Cheong
Security Consultant
Alina Wang

"Excellent content delivered by committed instructor. Caring and committed mentors who handhold members tightly. Content keeps evolving to ensure students understand it clearly. Francis and the mentors ensure that no one is left behind, which is great! Superb programme, start now and Mai Tu Liao!."

Alina Wang
Vice President, Sales

"I was very concerned with life after retirement from SAF, but thankfully the “lobster” system taught by Francis helped me to generate passive income. I now have a consistent & stable source of income (more than 2% per month) in a fun & stress-free way with the community. Retirement is no longer a scary thing."

Nick Neo
Retired RSN Officer
Victor Lu

"Awesome course! Very pleased with the knowledge acquired from the course coupled with the dedicated coach Francis and his team of mentors. I’m especially grateful for the prompt replies that Francis provided. Even though there’s lots more to learn, I’m hopeful that the community formed will be able to provide that."

Victor Lu

"What OIMP differs is not only the simple to follow fundamentals, it also provides a myriad of tools (e.g App & Spreadsheets). Despite the trade war dip & COVID-19 crash, I still gained 30% of my portfolio! After joining Francis' group, there is really no reason why you need to spend any more money to learn from others."

Education Executive
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"I fully agree that after attending Francis's course, there is no need to attend any other option courses to achieve the goal of consistent passive income. I have been looking for good courses that can equip me with sufficient knowledge to trade successfully. I am glad that I have found this course that end my search."

Jeannie Lau
Kris Leong

"Lessons were very organised & structured. A lot of preparations were put into making the teaching materials rich in content & in digestible size so that we can truly understand the concepts & process behind the trading system. What I have learnt is a system that is safe, efficient, stress free & sustainable."

Kris Leong
Customer Service Manager
WS Loo

"I started my Options trading journey with zero knowledge & joined OIMP with Francis as my mentor. It has been a year since I graduated & I’m able to achieve consistent profits by applying his options strategies. A million thanks to Francis for his sincere and dedication in guiding me to achieve this success."

WS Loo
Senior Manager MNC
Janice tan

"Francis is a patient and humble person. He gives clear explanation and provides plenty of learning resources for self pace learning. There are homework and tutorials on top of the lessons given. I can tell that he puts in a lot of effort to make our learning easy. A big thumbs up to Francis.👍😀"

Janice Tan
Program Manager

"Francis has crystallised the entire trading process by using technology to simplify the search of quality stocks, automated the risk assessment & salvaging a trade. His course goes beyond the 2-3 days of formal classes; (no extra fees) coaching the students till they succeed or give up. He has given them more options in life."

Terence Tan
Preparing To Retire
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"The course is well-structured. The course materials were given weeks before the actual online course started to get us prepared. Francis is a patient trainer and answers all the questions posted. He made the lessons easy to understand and his system gives me the confidence that it will work. 👍 to Francis 😀"

Goh TK
Civil Servant
irving brian

"It was an unbelievable journey this past two months. I was completely clueless in trading before I join OIMP. Thank you Francis and mentors. I have enjoyed myself throughout these 2 months of hand-holding period. This really is the BEST investment I have ever made. Sign up now! I'm promise you won't regret it!"

Irving Brian
Juan Chow

"An excellent programme with weekly session and mentors to remind, reinforce the principles. Francis is an excellent coach with his patience in training newbies & easy to understand principles. More importantly the results are amazing as long as you follow closely to the system."

Juan Chow Yee
Vivian Tan

"I have a holistic understanding of options after this programme. I think it is essential to equip oneself with the capability to create streams of passive income anywhere & anytime, not having to depend on economy outlook. This programme empowers us to do so. Come & be equipped to create your own economy."

Vivien Tan
Real Estate Sales
Sbastian Ng

"The entire programme is very structured. The online materials are simply easy to use and fantastic. The lobster app helps us to be more productive and indeed, an excellent app to use. Overall, I find this course has given me an idea of how to earn passive income and having new friends. Thank you, Francis and Mentors. "

Sebastian Ng
Software Developer
Brandon Wong

"It was a great journey. Francis and his team focused not just on the concepts but also practice with demo account so that you actually experienced the trades. Finally, I had a course that i felt money and time were well spent. I do think his methods are more realistic in getting the target returns. Thumbs up! "

Brandon Wong
Project Manager
Sheldon Lim

I think this is one of the most detailed & well structured investment course I have attended! Extremely patient & dedicated trainer who don’t overpromise. I really like the down to earth approach & strategy of OIMP. Please continue to keep up the good work! Thank you Francis and the team behind 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sheldon Lim
Software Developer
Noah Tan

"Fantastic Programme! Trainer Francis is very patient and systematic in his approach. The pace of the course is excellent for beginners or those starting out in options. For those who have some experience in options, the pace can be a little quicker. But do not hesitate, you are in good hands!"

Noah Tan
Business Owner
Lau Wai Kit

"Super Awesom3!! Super trainer with team of mentors with a heart to ensure that students learnt what they came here for and more .. it is more like a movement .. to care and support each other."

Lau Wai Kit
IT Sales Manager
Roger Lim

"Awesome course and very happy. Simple to understand and Francis and mentors are all great people. Could not ask for more."

Roger Lim

"This course is absolutely worth every cent. I wish I knew about this earlier in my investment / trading journey. The handholding from start to the end and the dedication of the coaches and mentors is plain awesome. This course is well crafted and with a lot of thought put into it. Kudos to Francis!"

Jeremy Lim
Sharon Voon

"I remembered when I went through the teachable video, I could not understand the video. After the first webinar, I could then understand the following webinars with the continuous support from the Francis & Team. I am now quite confident to trade options. I do not regret joining this OIMP programme."

Sharon Voon
Total Rewards Manager
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-30 at 4.31.46 PM

"Too eager to trade at the beginning and lost a bit of my way. Under sincere coaching and sharing in the forum from the HOT community, I absorbed the useful part and internalized it while getting rid of my bad habits. Now into 4th week of consistent profits! If you want to learn options, please learn from Francis."

Ong SH

The Story of our Founder & Trainer Francis

Francis is the founder of FG Options and is the trainer for OIMP. Started learning and trading Options since 2003, Francis has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience on Options, from the relatively simple buying (and selling) of put and call options, to the complex multi-legged and multi-expiry spreads. The learning journey included paid courses to US-based educational companies like Optionetics and Red Options, as well as self-education via reading and experimenting extensively on most known strategies. He subsequently developed a lobster trading system that combined several Options strategies, which allows one to generate passive income safely and sustainably. OIMP therefore, is the vehicle which he uses to help his clients master the lobster trading system.

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